I enjoy volunteering at POP because of the people who come through the door. As an educator and youth worker I very much believe in the overall mission of POP and am inspired by the work they do for young people and the community! 

Amy F.
POP Volunteer

POP HQ Grand Re-Opening Party & Fundraiser!

We're thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of POP HQ 2.0 in Cully at 5136 NE 42nd!

Sunday, 12/4, Enjoy FREE pinball for all ages all day!

Opening on 12/1 from 3-8pm, our new HQ will be better than ever!

POP is in Oprah!

There are two sentences I never thought I would hear in my lifetime..."The Chicago Cubs have won the World Series" and "Oprah Magazine is going to do a story about you in the December issue!"